"How Do We Improve It" Through Our Services?

What sets Total Packaging Co. apart from other packaging companies is our vast array of value added services. Our philosophy is and always has been, customer service and satisfaction first.  This philosophy along with our adaptive business models allows us to treat our customer like family and change the way we do business to fit their needs.


  • Inventory Management - Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs which include onsite visits to count and maintain consistent levels of packaging materials.

  • Packaging Process & Material audits.  This free services allows us to come up with the most innovative design, packaging process and/or material based solutions to ensure the most cost effective ways to package products. This has been key to our success and our way to show true value to our customers.

  • Warehousing and Stocking Programs to insure the best possible price and lead times.

  • Owning our own trucks allow us to have the maximum in delivery flexibilities.  We can do Just in Time (JIT), daily, weekly or adapt to whatever delivery schedule is needed.

  • In-house CAD and Graphic Designer.  Makes sample processing and refreshing the look of your packaging products a seamless task.

  • Each customer is assigned a dedicate Account Manager and Customer Service Representative.

Industries Served

Agriculture & Produce

Air Filtration



Building Products


Commercial Printing


E-Commerce Fulfillment



Health & Safety


Metal Fabrication

Outdoor Products

Resin & Injection Molding

Textiles & Non Wovens


Many More